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Light tension groove, driven by drum set, guitar and piano. Bell ostinato pulses throughout, creating tense but low-key atmosphere. Genre: Tension, Underscore, Mood: Hypnotic, Suspenseful, Tension, Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Duration: 1.22 Composer: Shawn P. Russell Album: Best in Tensions

Doors and Locks

Ambient electronica moving along wiith a hypnotic pulse, featuring evolving synth textures & rhythms, dripping with presence & atmosphere. Genre: Drone, Electronic, Tension, Underscore, Mood: Contemplation, Dark, Driving, Eerie, Hypnotic, Relaxed, Suspenseful, Instruments: Electronic, Duration: 7.29 Composer: Shawn P. Russell

Island Adventure (8 Bit Mix)

Quirky & fun tune adapted from the original Island Adventure theme, reworked into the chiptune style of classic 8 bit games & focusing on original NES styles. Genre: Action, Comedy, Electronic, Mood: Driving, Energetic, Exciting, Upbeat, Instruments: Electronic, Duration: 2.38 Composer: Shawn P. Russell

Audio Verite News

  • ​We recently completed the music and sound design for a new channel broadcast package for Reuters Nightly News Radio Television Brunei! The broadcast package included an opening sequence, a closing sequence, stings, bugs, lower thirds, background loops, wipe transitions and studio artwork.



    Watch the Opening Here!
  • ​Definitely not our "typical" client, but an awesome one nonetheless! This video (button below) is a great example of how to utilize existing music from our catalog. We provided additional sound design as well as transitional material between the two tracks. Tracks used: Thunderous Cinematic Trailer Crystal Reflections
    Check Out the Video!
  • Audio Verite was called upon to create some custom music for Call of the Wildman, Animal Planet's top rated reality show. Music composed by Audio Verite's Shawn P. Russell.
  • Audio Verite's Ron Passaro recently wrote and produced the theme song to the upcoming video game, Gamma Heroes. Lead vocals sung by Justin Sargent, who is currently performing the roles of Spider-Man and Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway. Check it out at the game's official website: GammaHeroes.com
    Check Out the Video!
  • Audio Verite's debut album has arrived! 'Best in Tensions' features tension-themed tracks ready for prime-time placement. 30 tracks cover a wide range of tension scenarios, from low-key suspense to life-or-death drama. Check it out here!

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