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This Changes Everything

Deep bass, synth sounds and textures and electronic percussion combine for an inspiring track ideal for tech and advertising Genre: Electronic, Underscore, Mood: Driving, Hypnotic, Instruments: Electronic, Percussion, Duration: 2.16 Composer: Shawn P. Russell

Visiting Lost Dreams

Sentimental and evocative piano accompanied by various ethereal textures and strings creates a haunting and beautiful atmosphere. Genre: Underscore, Mood: Contemplation, Instruments: Piano, Strings, Duration: 1.00 Composer: Ron Passaro

Lost Kingdom

Stately themes gently evolve within sophisticated, passionate and emotional string orchestra. Tempo and mood lift slightly at 1:06 into stirring end. Genre: Orchestral, Mood: Contemplation, Relaxed, Instruments: Orchestra, Strings, Violin, Duration: 2.08 Composer: Ron Passaro

Audio Verite News

  • Welcome to our website! We are AudioVerite, a different kind of music company. Whatever the type of media, we can help. Simply stated, we can do things a traditional music catalog cannot. Need custom music for your immersive museum exhibit or art installation? We can do that.

    Need a few short tunes for your latest, greatest iOS app? We’ve got you covered. Need some handcrafted, pre-made tracks to enhance your production? We have those too! Play a featured track or search our library. Don’t hear what you need? No problem! After all, we specialize in writing custom music to your exact specifications. Get in touch.

    Search Our Music Library
  • ​We are honored to have scored the new trailer for the upcoming documentary about artist, Michael Richards,Studio in the Sky. In November of 2019 it was picked up by Mark Wahlberg’s production company, Unrealistic Ideas. More updates to follow.

    Studio in the Sky Trailer

  • We completed the theme song for the Travel Channel series, “Hotel Amazon.” We were thrilled to be a part of this exciting show, which was produced by the good people at Crazy Legs Productions!

    Hotel Amazon Theme Music

  • Audio Verite was called upon to create some custom music for Call of the Wildman, Animal Planet’s top rated reality show.

    Music composed by Audio Verite’s Shawn P. Russell.

    Call of the Wildman

  • Audio Verite’s debut album has arrived!

    ‘Best in Tensions’ features tension-themed tracks ready for prime-time placement. 30 tracks cover a wide range of tension scenarios, from low-key suspense to life-or-death drama. Check it out here!


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