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End of Emotion

Contemplative pads set the mood, giving way to an electronic groove accompanied by a slow string melody and synth accents. Genre: Drone, Underscore, Mood: Contemplation, Dark, Hypnotic, Instruments: Strings, Electronic, Percussion, Duration: 1.12 Composer: Ron Passaro


Modern electronic and cosmopolitan feel, evoking glamour, photo shoots and high fashion. Genre: Electronic, Mood: Energetic, Exciting, Upbeat, Instruments: Electronic, Percussion, Duration: 1.20 Composer: Ron Passaro

Awake and Dreaming

Trippy FX, piano and acoustic guitar establish contemplative, dream-like atmosphere which builds up to a tense, powerful rock guitar groove. Genre: Action, Mood: Contemplation, Suspenseful, Instruments: Piano, Strings, Electronic, Guitar, Percussion, Duration: 2.23 Composer: Ron Passaro

Revelations and Decisions

Rhythmic and melodic strings flow along, embellished by brass, and spotted with touches of piano and percussion, evoking heroism and epic atmosphere. Genre: Orchestral, Mood: Dark, Driving, Powerful, Instruments: Orchestra, Piano, Strings, Duration: 1.47 Composer: Ron Passaro

Epic Action Trailer

Epic drums begin the cue. After short sound and string FX break, drums return in earnest, building intensity until ending with cluster fx and subtle choir. Genre: Epic, Tension, Mood: Upbeat, Instruments: Piano, Duration: 1.02 Composer: Ron Passaro

It’s All So Clear Now

Slightly detuned, dreamlike piano twists and turns over strings, riding the line between pensive, emotional and ecstatic. Touches of synth featured throughout. Genre: Electronic, Tension, Mood: Hypnotic, Instruments: Piano, Electronic, Duration: 2.50 Composer: Ron Passaro

Lost Kingdom

Stately themes gently evolve within sophisticated, passionate and emotional string orchestra. Tempo and mood lift slightly at 1:06 into stirring end. Genre: Orchestral, Mood: Contemplation, Relaxed, Instruments: Orchestra, Strings, Violin, Duration: 2.08 Composer: Ron Passaro

Strategy Time

Asia-inspired cue, evoking mystery, intrigue and suspense. Bamboo flute and bowed strings intertwine over pitched metal tones. Rhythm ramps up at :56 until end. Genre: Tension, Underscore, Mood: Energetic, Instruments: Percussion, Dizi, Tambur, Oud, Modified Music Box, Djembe, Duration: 1.53 Composer: Ron Passaro
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