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End of Emotion

Contemplative pads set the mood, giving way to an electronic groove accompanied by a slow string melody and synth accents. Genre: Drone, Underscore, Mood: Contemplation, Dark, Hypnotic, Instruments: Strings, Electronic, Percussion, Duration: 1.12 Composer: Ron Passaro

Awake and Dreaming

Trippy FX, piano and acoustic guitar establish contemplative, dream-like atmosphere which builds up to a tense, powerful rock guitar groove. Genre: Action, Mood: Contemplation, Suspenseful, Instruments: Piano, Strings, Electronic, Guitar, Percussion, Duration: 2.23 Composer: Ron Passaro

Revelations and Decisions

Rhythmic and melodic strings flow along, embellished by brass, and spotted with touches of piano and percussion, evoking heroism and epic atmosphere. Genre: Orchestral, Mood: Dark, Driving, Powerful, Instruments: Orchestra, Piano, Strings, Duration: 1.47 Composer: Ron Passaro

Lost Kingdom

Stately themes gently evolve within sophisticated, passionate and emotional string orchestra. Tempo and mood lift slightly at 1:06 into stirring end. Genre: Orchestral, Mood: Contemplation, Relaxed, Instruments: Orchestra, Strings, Violin, Duration: 2.08 Composer: Ron Passaro
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