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This Changes Everything

Deep bass, synth sounds and textures and electronic percussion combine for an inspiring track ideal for tech and advertising Genre: Electronic, Underscore, Mood: Driving, Hypnotic, Instruments: Electronic, Percussion, Duration: 2.16 Composer: Shawn P. Russell

Running Numbers

A catchy. quirky looping composition written for games, with a retro feel and modern edge. Genre: Action, Comedy, Electronic, Underscore, Mood: Driving, Energetic, Exciting, Upbeat, Instruments: Electronic, Duration: 2.24 Composer: Shawn P. Russell

Doors and Locks

Ambient electronica moving along wiith a hypnotic pulse, featuring evolving synth textures & rhythms, dripping with presence & atmosphere. Genre: Drone, Electronic, Tension, Underscore, Mood: Contemplation, Dark, Driving, Eerie, Hypnotic, Relaxed, Suspenseful, Instruments: Electronic, Duration: 7.29 Composer: Shawn P. Russell

Island Adventure (8 Bit Mix)

Quirky & fun tune adapted from the original Island Adventure theme, reworked into the chiptune style of classic 8 bit games & focusing on original NES styles. Genre: Action, Comedy, Electronic, Mood: Driving, Energetic, Exciting, Upbeat, Instruments: Electronic, Duration: 2.38 Composer: Shawn P. Russell

Questionable Origins

Deep bassline anchors a woodblock ostinato, which gives way to driving piano riff as tension builds through the track, then ramps down as ostinato returns. Genre: Tension, Underscore, Mood: Suspenseful, Tension, Instruments: Piano, Electronic, Duration: 0.52 Composer: Shawn P. Russell Album: Best in Tensions

Questionable Origins-No Lead

Questionable Origins-No Drums

Questionable Origins-30sec

Questionable Origins-30sec No Drums

Questionable Origins-30sec No Lead

Questionable Origins-Bumper

Questionable Origins-Stinger 1

Questionable Origins-Stinger 2

Best Laid Plans

Pulsing bassline with shimmering glass lead propel the groove as swelling string and brass provide counterpoint. After a short break track builds to climax. Genre: Underscore, Mood: Driving, Suspenseful, Tension, Instruments: Strings, Electronic, Duration: 2.04 Composer: Shawn P. Russell Album: Best in Tensions

Best Laid Plans-1min

Best Laid Plans-30sec

Best Laid Plans-Ambient

Best Laid Plans-Ambient 30sec

Best Laid Plans - Stinger

Can’t Stay Away

Rich pads and trap-style bass anchor a melodic club synth hook and laid-back, modern hip-hop groove. Genre: Electronic, Hip-Hop, Mood: Hypnotic, Instruments: Electronic, Duration: 1.38 Composer: Shawn P. Russell

Can’t Stay Away-No Lead

Can’t Stay Away-No Drums

Can’t Stay Away-1min

Can’t Stay Away-30sec

Can’t Stay Away-Stinger

Crystal Reflections

Shimmering piano plays minimal melody over synths & subtle percussion. B section brings in synth bass & more percussion then reprises melody with full ensemble. Genre: Electronic, Underscore, Mood: Hypnotic, Relaxed, Upbeat, Instruments: Piano, Electronic, Duration: 2.00 Composer: Shawn P. Russell


Pulsating synth hits and percussion allow for a consistent level of tension throughout the track. Genre: Drone, Electronic, Tension, Underscore, Mood: Contemplation, Dark, Suspenseful, Tension, Instruments: Electronic, Percussion, Duration: 1.08 Composer: Ron Passaro Album: Best in Tensions

Back in Business

Smooth hip hop groove fueled by a driving bassline, Rhodes electric piano and a slinky guitar lead. Genre: Electronic, Underscore, Hip-Hop, Mood: Hypnotic, Relaxed, Upbeat, Instruments: Electronic, Guitar, Duration: 2.11 Composer: Shawn P. Russell
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